About Company

Company overview

Barens Group S.A. is a Swiss investment and holding company.
Our core business activity is in:

  • Agricultural Commodities Trading
  • Real Estate Investment and Development
We help people
meet their needs in nourishment
and quality living.
Founder of Barens Group started agricultural commodities trading company focused on sourcing cocoa and palm oil products from the EU, Africa and South East Asia selling to confectionery manufacturers across countries of the CIS region.
Foundation of Barens Chocolate LLC, a confectionery manufacturer with plants in Ukraine, focused on production and exports of industrial chocolate across countries of the EU and CIS.
Foundation of Swiss Barens Group S.A. Development and integration of Swiss confectionery recipes. Exports and distribution of confectionery products across the EU and CIS markets.
Foundation of Swiss Barens C&T, specialised in procuring cocoa, palm oil and sugar products for own confectionery manufacturing plants, as well as selling to other manufacturers worldwide.
Foundation of Barens Eurotrade UK, specialised exports of Barens ChocolateTM confectionery to the EU markets.
Barens Group and its subsidiaries achieved notable performance and sales rates in leading UK retailers and cash&carry chains.
Foundation of Barens Capital specialised in residential Real Estate investment and development.
Reorganisation of Barens C&T. The company was joined by several experienced soft commodities trading professionals carrying over 15-year track record in sourcing and exporting Ukrainian and Black Sea region sourced grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils and by-products.